Baby Boy Blanket - Receiving | Security | Swaddling | Crib

 Looking for a baby boy blanket to keep your new baby boy nice and warm? Do you know the different types of baby blankets? There are four main types of baby blankets. These are the following:

  • Receiving Blankets
  • Security Blankets
  • Swaddling Blankets
  • Crib Blankets

Receiving Baby Boy Blanket

hospital receiving baby boy blanket

The most versatile and multifunctional of the four main types of baby blankets is the receiving blanket. These simple and lightweight blankets typically measure about one square yard and serve many purposes. There are many uses for a baby receiving blanket. 

The blanket can be used to lay baby down on the floor or unfamiliar surface, to provide a buffer between baby and the outside world, to swaddle, catch spit-up and drool, and pretty much any other uses you could think of.

Hospital Receiving Blankets, 6-pk

Made by Elaine Collection, these 100% cotton receiving blankets are cozy, and babies will definitely cuddle into these all – cotton blankets. This highest quality, 100-percent cotton blankets are anti-pill on either side. These are fade, stain resistant, and Hypoallergic! They are great for putting the babies to sleep or warming them up in the house or outside. These are easy to carry around and are excellent for the car!

Kuddle- Up receiving blankets are hospitals most popular blankets, are now available to parents. Three 100% heavyweight cotton blankets measuring 36"x36". Just the right amount of soft material to wrap your baby in the perfect swaddle.

receiving baby blankets

Nothing says comfort quite like flannel! this 4-pack of 100 percent cotton receiving blankets will keep your little one wrapped in comfort. Great item for gift giving.

Security Baby Boy Blanket


Parents should consider purchasing their new infant a security blanket because they provide a form of comfort for the baby. They are typically made of soft plush or fleece and sometimes have a stuffed animal attached, yet they should still be durable, as children tend to hold on to them and take them everywhere far into the toddler age. Since these tend to be the blankets that people hold on to throughout their lives as a memory of childhood, you should consider purchasing personalized baby security blankets, so they are that much more special when the baby grows up.

Swaddling Baby Boy Blanket

Swaddling blankets are similar to security blankets in that they help provide comfort, calm, and relaxation for the baby by keeping him enveloped. However, they differ because they come with attachments that do up and make it easy to swaddle a baby. There are some swaddling blankets that remain wrapped around the top half of the baby while the bottom is undone for diaper changes. A soft newborn swaddle blanket will keep the baby soft and cozy while they sleep.

Crib Baby Boy Blanket

The last blankets to look for are baby blankets for a crib, and there are many types of these available, including crib sheets, blankets and crib bedding sets. Baby blankets have come a long way, so be sure to choose crib bedding based first on comfort and safety and second on the style. With the wide range available today, there is no need to sacrifice any of these characteristics. Keep in mind, though, and you should never use a blanket in a crib with a sleeping baby.

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